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Greenlandis an autonomous Danish territory located on the largest non-continent island in the world.The name of the island means ‘green country’ – it was supposed to encourage people to settle there, unlike Iceland, whose name “frozen” was supposed to be off-putting.A fjord-type coastline with numerous offshore islands.Most of Greenland lies in the northern Arctic Circle.

On June 16-30, 2017, I participated in the fourth stage of the cruise on the west coast of Greenland, on the yach S / y Berg .
We set off from the port in Narsarsuaq, where we had the opportunity to stay for two days with the crew of the third stage, who treated us with amazing stories from their voyage.
For two weeks we sailed 750 Mn, against the wind, with the wind, in the sun, rain and snow, visiting Narsaq, Paamiut, Nuuk, Kangaamiut, Aasiaat. Admiring the views at which there were no words, and the sun did not set most of the time.
The destination port was Ilulissat, where we met the crew of the 5th stage, i.e. the Polish Sailing and Climbing Expedition to Greenland –Extremely and Highly , to whom I wish you success with all my heart.
Two weeks in such a place is far too short, but the memories will last forever.

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