Tromsø in Norway is located in an area where the Northern Lights are very common. However, this is not the only attraction of this area. As a guide, I will take you to amazing places in the city itself and in its vicinity, so that you will not only see great tourist attractions, but also experience a unique adventure. There are many museums and monuments in Tromsø, but you can also see modern, breathtaking buildings. Interestingly, many of the city’s attractions are called “the most northerly in the world”. These include the university, the Burger King restaurant, the botanical garden and the cathedral. Taking you on this extraordinary journey, I can also offer you a meeting with Norwegian wild nature, i.e. mountains, lakes and fjords, during which we will visit such inhabitants of the Arctic Circle area as reindeer and seals. If you are interested in culture and history, we can also visit a village inhabited by the indigenous people of Scandinavia, who will entertain us with regional delicacies and interesting stories.

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