Northern Lights, Tromso – that’s where it all started

Tromsø– the city is located on the island of Tromsøya, above the Arctic Circle. Despite its location, 350 km beyond the Arctic Circle, the climate is not extremely harsh due to the strong influence of the Gulf Stream.The polar night lasts in Tromsø from November 27 to January 19, the polar day from May 19 to July 27. During the polar night you can observe the Northern Lights in the sky .

In fact, that’s where it all started. The moment when I found myself, when I felt that the cold is not terrible, that the whiteness of the snow is whiter than anywhere else, where the frost can be pleasant and the night gives indescribable joy. And I don’t mean a fireplace, wine and a soft blanket, hugging my beloved – just waiting … Waiting, wrapped in several warm layers of clothes outside in sub-zero temperatures to be able to see the most beautiful phenomenon in the sky …

One e-mail from my bestie (with whom I spent her 30th birthday in Alta) with an article on where to watch the northern lights and cheap plane tickets made me not miss the opportunity saying to myself – you only live once.

Colorful lights in the sky, isn’t that a dream of many people? Mine has always been, but in my head I had a picture of the very far north without civilization, that it is not accessible to mere mortals, and in addition you need a lot of funds to be able to admire this spectacle.

And how wrong I was, and how much I wish everyone to see this beautiful masterpiece in the sky.

The Northern Lights, which I saw for the first time then, made me understand that this is my place on earth. I stood, looked and shouted that happiness … In one moment my life changed, worries disappeared, I felt only simple happiness. I felt as if I had been chosen to be able to admire this phenomenon, to enjoy this moment, to absorb it with all my senses.

The show lasted about an hour, according to the data, it was not a strong aurora and the conditions in which I had to watch it were not ideal – but it was! She was and will always be remembered.

Seeing successive spectacles in the sky, I still have this feeling, I feel like a child, as if I won a lottery ticket, happiness overwhelms me. I want more every time.

Now I know more about how to prepare myself in terms of clothing, how to take photos, where to look for the aurora and when. Phone apps run all the time. So even when I’m here in Warsaw, with every alert I go outside the city to see something in the sky, even for a fraction of a second. And sitting at night in Norway during the polar day and seeing on the phone that there is a spectacle above me that I can’t see, I feel a slight prick inside and I’m waiting … I’m waiting for the polar night to be able to see it all again, yet experience once, feel again…

The photos are not the best, but for the first time photographing the aurora, it is important that they are

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