Iceland– a country located in Northern Europe, on the island of Iceland and several smaller islands.The capital of the country is Reykjavík.Located on the “hot spot” of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, it has many, including active, volcanoes, e.g.Hekla, Katla.True to its name, Iceland is also a “land of ice” – about 11 percent.of this highland and mountainous country is occupied by glaciers.

Probably one of my oldest travel dreams – Iceland…

As a teenager, I was fascinated by this island. As if she wasn’t available. As if you couldn’t get there, be there, feel it… It was like that back then. There are no available flights and ticket prices …

The harshness of the climate and all other factors put this expedition on “someday”.”Once” it went on and on. And I don’t really know why this place, this island, that it’s cold, that it’s snowing, that everything else.

In the meantime, I became fascinated by Norway, but Iceland has always been there, although it was waiting for its turn. And that turn has come. Probably only thanks to Wizzair, which opened its connection there, for the money available to mere mortals. Again a few days to gather the team and tickets bought.

Departure from Gdańsk – 3 nights, 2 full days, busy schedule, five of us.

The whole trip was divided into 2 stages. 1st day – Gloden Circle, 2nd day – waterfalls, black beach in Vik.

The plan is simple, renting a car – there is no other way. A 4×4 car, of course. February, however, is winter – snow, ice, temperatures around zero.

Also, accommodation is best in a house in the “dudup”, why spend the night in the city, where we can have nature and more of a wasteland around, and also a little quiet hope that I will go out to the terrace in front of the house and the aurora borealis will dance above me. Decision made – a house near Hella, with a view of the Hekla volcano, which some time ago was causing great havoc in its area. From the pictures that hang in the house, we conclude that we sleep on lava, and if the volcano woke up, our bodies could only be used later by scientists in the form of charring …

So we have everything – including food for these days. The logistics of the sightseeing plan and the opening hours of the shops decided for us – why waste extra time looking for food

Iceland welcomes us with the wind.Reading and hearing about it and feeling it on your own face and body is a big difference. In front of the airport, waiting for a car rental person, I thought that it couldn’t be more windy – I was wrong and very much so. But more on that later. Warm, temperature around 0°C.

A person from the rental company takes us to the company’s headquarters near the airport, where our 4×4 car – Nissan Qashqai is waiting for us.

We have over 2 hours drive to the rented house.And here begins a pleasant surprise – a great blizzard.Snow from all sides. In Reykjavik it’s not so bad, but outside the city a speed higher than 50 km/h is impossible.Visibility several meters.The snow moves with the wind, creating moguls on the road. A car with studded winter tires dances on the road, trying to get traction.But what is it for such a great driver that was me. Yes I Female behind the wheel. I’ve read a lot about changing weather conditions and difficult road conditions in Iceland, it helped a bit, it was hard but not bragging I’m a good driver and I’m not afraid of such thingsAnd by the way, even worse conditions became my everyday reality last winter.

Let’s move on . The weather calms down. Even managed to see the stars. All the way along road no. 1 to Hella. And there we turn into Iceland. There are about 30 km left. We can’t see the asphalt anymore and we will see it for the next few days. Ice, snow and wind. Driving the Qashqai, I can imagine how many times I would be in a ditch driving my front-wheel drive car with regular winter tires. No, no, now I know that mine on spikes survived worse conditions

Beautiful road. There is no living soul. Only from time to time great mounds of snow or ice under them. We are. The night is black, deaf. Nobody around. Somewhere in the distance you can see the lights from the porch of another cottage. The glow of the city is visible only above the horizon. Well, maybe my plan will work, maybe the clouds that hang overhead will go away and there will be a beautiful spectacle overhead. The clouds won that night.Time to sleep. Tomorrow will be an intense day, you need to be strong.

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