Barentsburg – is the second largest settlement in Svalbard, it is inhabited by about 470 people, mainly Russians and Ukrainians. Most of the inhabitants worked in the coal mine which is now closed. The distance to Longyearbyen, the largest settlement in Svalbard, is approx. 55 km, but a road connecting these towns has never been built, although in recent years plans to build one have begun.

8th day of the cruise

In the evening we reach Barentsburg, I had the opportunity to see this settlement in winter during a scooter trip, but then I chose the opportunity to see the glaciers, the frozen sea and everything else where there is no civilization.

Awakened by the arrival at the port, half-conscious I climbed out of the boat. We’re going sightseeing. Visit the settlement and, of course, a place where you can sit down and order a local drink. I felt a bit at home, the architecture of the buildings I knew gave me a strong feeling. The deserted streets signaled that it was already late in the evening and most of the inhabitants got up in the morning to go to work. Peace and quiet, sometimes an arctic fox will run. The weather is good, as it is extremely sunny at 10:00 pm … We don’t have much time, and the main goal is to drink a local beer.

Saying hello to the Lenin monument, strolling through the main streets, drinking a beer and coming back… A few short hours did not allow me to fully enjoy this place. We must move on…

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